Period: Annual
Year: 2022

01. Contact
02. Metadata update
03. Statistical presentation
04. Unit of measure
05. Reference Period
06. Institutional Mandate
07. Confidentiality
08. Release policy
09. Frequency of dissemination
10. Accessibility and clarity
11. Quality management
12. Relevance
13. Accuracy and reliability
14. Timeliness and punctuality
15. Coherence and comparability
16. Cost and Burden
17. Data revision
18. Statistical processing
19. Comment

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01. ContactTop
01.1. Contact organisation


01.2. Contact organisation unit

Construction units

01.3. Contact name

Dejana Đorđević

01.4. Contact person function

Head of units

01.5. Contact mail address

Milana Rakića 5

01.6. Contact email address


01.7. Contact phone number

+381112412922 ex.260

01.8. Contact fax number

Not applicable.

02. Metadata updateTop
02.1. Metadata last certified
02.2. Metadata last posted
02.3. Metadata last update

03. Statistical presentationTop
03.1. Data description

Data on completed and demolished dwellings are used to calculating of the housing fund for the inter-census years (Census of Population and Dwellings). Housing fund is used for planning the construction of residential buildings.

Data on prices of dwellings of new construction are used for understanding level of current prices of new construction dwellings, determining contributions for the regulation of construction land (Law on Planning and Construction, Article 97), legal proceedings and for conducting the measures of current housing policy.

03.2. Classification system

- National classification of economic activities - KD (2010) based on NACE Rev.2 classification (Statistical   Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community).

- Classification of Types of Constructions (CC classification).

- Nomenclature of territorial statistical units.

03.3. Coverage - sector

Data on completed dwellings is filled in by entreprises that have built dwellingss in the reference period.

For demolished dwellings, data providers are the respective administration bodies that issue the decisions on demolishing and building permits for starting the works which change the purpose of residential space into non-residential or which joint two or more dwellings into one. Moreover, the survey obtains the data on enterprises that have the available documentation related to demolishing.

The data about new construction dwellings are taken from the administrative data source, the Real estate Cadastre kept by the Republic Geodetic Authority.

03.4. Statistical concepts and definitions

Dwelling is any construction unit intended for habitation, consisting of one or more rooms with functional areas for ancillary use (kitchen, bathroom, lobby, pantry, toilet, etc.) or without functional areas for ancillary use and with one or more separate entries, directly from the hall, staircase, from the garden or street.   

Dwelling area (m²) is useful floor area measured inside the walls and presents the sum of floor area of all rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other areas for ancillary use in the dwelling, excluding basement, cellar that are not arranged as dwelling or its part, garage spaces, pantry, areas occupied by heating and air-conditioning installations, or by power generators, etc, as well as staircase and other common rooms used by the owners of the residential units in the buildings with more dwellings

Completed dwelling is taken to be only a dwelling in which all intended construction, installation and final works are completed.

Average prices published by one m2 are the result of characteristics of construction and difference in a month in which the contract was arranged on the particular territory. Average prices are calculated at the municipality / city level and VAT (value added tax) is included in the price.

03.5. Statistical unit
Observation units are dwellings that were built, demolished or sold in the observed period.
03.6. Statistical population

Number of dwellings and useful floor space of dwellings that were built or demolished in the observed period.

Average prices of dwellings of new construction for which the purchase contract was realized.

03.7. Reference area

Republic of Serbia.

(Remark: Since 1999, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia doesn’t dispose of certain data for AP Kosovo and Metohia, so they are not contained in the data coverage for the Republic of Serbia (total))

03.8. Coverage - Time

The data series on built dwellings covers the period from 2001. The prices of dwellings for new construction have been published since 1966.

03.9. Base period

Not applicable.

04. Unit of measureTop
04. Unit of measure

Number of dvellings;

Usefool floor space in m2;

Average prices of new construction dwellings, RSD per m2. 

05. Reference PeriodTop
05. Reference Period
Calendar year for completed and demolished dwellings and half a year for prices of new construction dwelling. 

06. Institutional MandateTop
06.1. Institutional Mandate - legal acts and other agreements

National legislation:

- Official Statistics Law
- Resolution on the Programme of official statistics
- Regulation on the Plan of official statistics for the current year
* The above documents are available at SORS website:  https//www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/o-nama/dokumenti


06.2. Institutional Mandate - data sharing

There is no data sharing to international institutions.

07. Confidentiality Top
07.1. Confidentiality - policy

Data confidentiality is stipulated by:

- Official Statistics Law (Official Gazette of RS, number 104/2009), Articles 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, and 49.


- Rulebook on statistical data protection in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia


- Guidelines on measures of data and information protection in the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

(www.stat.gov.rs/media/2341/guidelines-on-measures-of-data-and-information-protection-in-the-sors.doc )


07.2. Confidentiality - data treatment

Confidential data are treated according to policy rules (see Official statistics law, point 7.1).

Data are published only on the level at which they are not confidential. 

08. Release policyTop
08.1. Release calendar
Calendar of releases is available at SORS website on the 1st day of December every year for the forthcoming year (https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/calendar).
All SORS releases are launched at 12.00.
Any divergence from the defined time schedule are announced in advance and explained in the Calendar.  


08.2. Release calendar access

Calendar of releases is available at SORS website:



08.3. Release policy - user access
The data obtained through statistical surveys are released at the internet presentation (https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/),
in statistical releases and publications (https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/publikacije/). 
The results of official statistics are available at the same time to all users on impartial basis; any privileged access by external users before their release is not allowed.  


09. Frequency of disseminationTop
09. Frequency of dissemination

Data on completed and demolished dwellings are collected and published annually.

Data on the prices of new dwellings are taken semi-annually and published semi-annually and annually.

10. Accessibility and clarityTop
10.1. Dissemination format - News release

Statistical release GR20 i GR21.


10.2. Dissemination format - Publications

Statistical releases contain data on the average prices of new construction dwellings per m2.

Municipalities and regions of the Republic of Serbia, contain data on the completed and demolished dwellings in the referent period. 


10.3. Dissemination format - online database

Data on number and usefool floor space of completed dwellings and average prices id new construction dwellings are published in online database . 


10.4. Dissemination format - microdata access
Micro-data are not accessible.
On request, the access to anonymized microdata is ensured to scientific and research institutions.
The request can be placed by email at stat@stat.gov.rs, or by regular mail addressed at 
5 Milana Rakića St, Belgrade.
10.5. Dissemination format - other

Not applicable.

10.6. Documentation on methodology

Short methodological information on the national methodologies is available on the statistical website:

Methodology and documents | Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

10.7. Quality management - documentation

Not available.

11. Quality managementTop
11.1. Quality assurance
The SORS quality management system is relied on the Serbian official statistics mission and vision, as well as on the European Statistics Code of Practice – CoP and the Total Quality Management – TQM principles, which together make the common quality framework of the European Statistical System (ESS).
For more information, please see the documents at https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/o-nama/sistem-upravljanja-kvalitetom.


11.2. Quality management - assessment

Data on comleted and demolished dwelling and prices of new construction dwelling are produced in accordance with methodological requirements and standards.

The publication schedule is fixed and announced in advance.

12. Relevance Top
12.1. User needs

Data are used by different users. Users of statistical data on construction production indices can be found in all areas: individual citizens, business entities, media, state government as well as academic, scientific and research institutions and non-government organizations.

12.2. User satisfaction


On biennial basis (once in two years), by the means of web interview, implemented is the User Satisfaction Survey. The survey results are available at SORS website: https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/o-nama/sistem-upravljanja-kvalitetom.

12.3. Completeness

In accordance with the Regulation on defining the plan of official statistics, data are available at semi-annual and annual levels.

13. Accuracy and reliabilityTop
13.1. Overall accuracy

The annual survey includes reporting units that built dwellings. Dwellings built in the organization of individual owners are estimated on the basis of issued building permits.

In scope of the Semi-Annual Survey on the Prices of New Construction Dwellings, all contracts from the Real Estate Price Register, on the sale of new construction dwellings in urban settlements, are included. The Real estate Cadastre database contains information from the contracts of real estate purchase and sale. The contract delivery is performed by the contracting authorities - notaries and basic courts. 

13.2. Sampling error

Quantifying sampling errors is not possible because the sample is not based on random sampling.

13.3. Non-sampling error

Measures to reduce non-response: units are contacted by phone plus reminders are sent by post.

14. Timeliness and punctualityTop
14.1. Timeliness

Data on completed dwellings are available on the website of the Republic Statistical Office  seven months after the end of the reference period.

Data on the prices of new construction dwellings are available 75 days after the end of the reference period.


14.2. Punctuality

All data are published according to the announced Publications calendar.

Link https://www.stat.gov.rs/en-US/calendar

15. Coherence and comparabilityTop
15.1. Comparability - geographical

The same concepts are used within the whole national territory.

15.2. Comparability - over time

There is no difference in comparability of the data for various frequencies. 


15.3. Coherence - cross domain

Results show a very similar global dynamic between the two indicators, number of dwellings which were built and number of issued building permits for the dwellings. Data on building permits are used to anticipate the evolution of production in the construction sector.

15.4. Coherence - internal

Data within the data set are consistent.

16. Cost and BurdenTop
16. Cost and Burden

Not available.

17. Data revisionTop
17.1. Data revision - policy
The SORS general revision policy constitutes the global frame ensuring that each statistical domain shall define its own revision policy in compliance with its specific nature. 
The general SORS revision policy determines:
- general rules of revisions of the published data,
- forms of informing users as regards the possible causes of revisions,
- categories of revisions, and
- documents covering all aspects of revisions.
The general SORS revision policy is available at https://www.stat.gov.rs/media/2332/general-revision-policy.docx.
17.2. Data revision - practice

The first published data are preliminary. In the next calendar year, data revision is allowed. Data can change due to questionnaires arriving late or the corrections which are initiated by data suppliers. Revisions due to errors are implemented immediately after detection.

18. Statistical processingTop
18.1. Source data

The source of data are statistical survey "Annual survey on construction works - GRAĐ-11", data on works performed in organization of individual owners, taken over from the data on building permits-GRAĐ-10" and Annual survey on demolished buildings and adaptation of residential space - GRAĐ-71".

For the "Semi-annual survey on prices of new construction dwellings - GRAĐ-41", the data are taken from the administrative data source, the Real estate Cadastre kept by the Republic Geodetic Authority. The statistical unit is a new constructed dwelling for which a sale contract was realized in the observed period in urban settlements.

18.2. Frequency of data collection
Annual survay for completed and demolished dwellings and semi-annual for prices of new construction dwelling.
18.3. Data collection

Data are collected with a paper questionnaire. Reporting units may send completed questionnaires by post, fax or e-mail.

The questionnaire can be filled in via the web (e-questionnaire)

For the "Semi-annual survey on prices of new construction dwellings - GRAĐ-41", the data are taken from the administrative data source, the Real estate Cadastre kept by the Republic Geodetic Authority. 

18.4. Data validation

Data quality checks are done by manual revision of questionnaires and procedures of logical control.

Collected data are first checked and verified during the process of data entering. After that quality checking is carried out by using a set of strict manual and electronic logical and calculation controls. Reports that fail to meet the quality standards are subject to verification and are corrected as required.

For logical control and corrections of errors is used Integrated Survey Tool (IST). IST is a software package that includes the process of data entry, logical control and production of output tables.

18.5. Data compilation
Data on built and demolished dwellings are calculated on the basis of data obtained by conducting regular annual statistical surveys. Flats built in the organization of individual owners are taken from the Monthly survey on issued building permits. The total number of completed dwellings is obtained as a sum of data obtained through regular statistical survey on construction works and data obtained on the basis of construction permits.
The average price of dwellings of new construction is calculated for municipalities / cities in the Republic of Serbia, where the sale of three or more new dwellings is registered. Also, the average price of new construstion dwellings  is calculated according to the level of development of the region and municipality.
18.6. Adjustment

Not applicable.

19. CommentTop
19. Comment

Not applicable.