Secondary education

Period: Annual
Year: 2018

01. Contact
02. Metadata update
03. Statistical presentation
04. Unit of measure
05. Reference Period
06. Institutional Mandate
07. Confidentiality
08. Release policy
09. Frequency of dissemination
10. Accessibility and clarity
11. Quality management
12. Relevance
13. Accuracy and reliability
14. Timeliness and punctuality
15. Coherence and comparability
16. Cost and Burden
17. Data revision
18. Statistical processing
19. Comment

01. ContactTop
01.1. Contact organisation

Statisticаl Office of the Republic of Serbia

01.2. Contact organisation unit

Section for statistics of Education, Science and Culture

01.3. Contact name

Nadežda Bogdanović

01.4. Contact person function

Head of Gproup for pre-university education and lifelong learning

01.5. Contact mail address

5 Milana Rakica street, 11000 Belgrade

01.6. Contact email address

01.7. Contact phone number

+381 11 2412922 ext.285

01.8. Contact fax number

not applicable

02. Metadata updateTop
02.1. Metadata last certified

Not applicable.

02.2. Metadata last posted
02.3. Metadata last update

03. Statistical presentationTop
03.1. Data description

State of playat the beginning and at the end of school year by main indicators- data about number and type of upper secondary school, ownership form, number of classes, number of regular and part-time students and repetitions, students by fields of education and profiles for which they are educated, data on teachers by sex, full and part time.

03.2. Classification system

International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED2011)

03.3. Coverage - sector

Not applicable

03.4. Statistical concepts and definitions

This survey pprovides data on the status, structure and development of schools and grades, sex and age structure and movement of upper secondary students, students who participate in different fields of education and profiles and teachin stuff excecuting upper secondary education.

03.5. Statistical unit

Statistical unit iz every upper secondary school in the Republic of Serbia

03.6. Statistical population

Students attending upper secondary education (regular and education for students with disabilities)

03.7. Reference area

The data refer to the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

As of 1999, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia do not collect data for AP Kosovo i Metohia, so they are not included in this data set for the Republic of Serbia (total).

03.8. Coverage - Time

Annually from 2010

03.9. Base period

Not applicable

04. Unit of measureTop
04. Unit of measure

Number of students, schools, classes, teachers.

05. Reference PeriodTop
05. Reference Period

School year

06. Institutional MandateTop
06.1. Institutional Mandate - legal acts and other agreements

The survey is conducting on the basis of the Law on official statistics ("Official Gazzete of the Republic of Serbia" number 104/2009).

06.2. Institutional Mandate - data sharing

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia fills annual UOE (Unesco, OECD, Eurostta) and UNESCO-UIS questionnaires, gathering various data on all levels of education.

07. Confidentiality Top
07.1. Confidentiality - policy

Data confidetiality is guaranteed by the Law on the official statistics which prescribes the use of data solely for statistical purposes and Rullebook on protection of statistical data in the  Statistical Office.

07.2. Confidentiality - data treatment

All obtained data from statistical units are published agregated. Individual data can be provided exclusively  with special procedures.

08. Release policyTop
08.1. Release calendar

Data obtained by this survey are publishing in Statistical releases and the Bulletin according to the Calendar of publications.

08.2. Release calendar access

All publications can be found at SORS website (

08.3. Release policy - user access

The data are publicly available on website. With the request sent by user, SORS obtain other data specified in the request (on aggregate level).

09. Frequency of disseminationTop
09. Frequency of dissemination

The data are collecting and publishing on annual level.

10. Accessibility and clarityTop
10.1. Dissemination format - News release

Statistical realise on upper secondary education-April and June

10.2. Dissemination format - Publications

The statistical Bulletin on upper secondary education contains detailed data on students, schools, classes and teaching stuff to the level of the municipality.

10.3. Dissemination format - online database

SORS database-area Education-sublevel-Uppersecondary education

10.4. Dissemination format - microdata access

Not applicable.

10.5. Dissemination format - other

Data are available in complex statistical publications (Statistical Yearbook, Municipality in Serbia,...). Data are used for  preparation, development and monitoring of strategy for education.

10.6. Documentation on methodology

Methodology  is available on the SORS website:


10.7. Quality management - documentation

Not applicable.

11. Quality managementTop
11.1. Quality assurance

Not applicable.

11.2. Quality management - assessment

Not applicable.

12. Relevance Top
12.1. User needs

Various domstic and foreign institutions.

Public: ministries, agencies, institutes, other public unstitutions...

private: enterprises, media, NGOs, researches,...

12.2. User satisfaction

SORS conducts an annual Survey on users satisfaction.

12.3. Completeness

Not applicable.

13. Accuracy and reliabilityTop
13.1. Overall accuracy

Not applicable.

13.2. Sampling error

Not applicable.

13.3. Non-sampling error and

Not applicable.

14. Timeliness and punctualityTop
14.1. Timeliness

Nationally: 6 months for the entire round of creating, collection, processing and data publishing

For Eurostat: 6 months for delivering all required data  (UOE questionnaires)

14.2. Punctuality

All deadlines according publications callendar are respected.

15. Coherence and comparabilityTop
15.1. Comparability - geographical

Not applicable.

15.2. Comparability - over time

Data are comparable in series from 2010 with no interuption

15.3. Coherence - cross domain

Not applicable.

15.4. Coherence - internal

Not applicable.

16. Cost and BurdenTop
16. Cost and Burden

Since it is annual survey, no significant burden is on reporting units

17. Data revisionTop
17.1. Data revision - policy

General revision policy has been established  by "SORS General revision policy" from February 2016

17.2. Data revision - practice

Published data are considered final, unless otherwise stated. Correction and revision are possible.So far, no data revision were planned for this survey.

18. Statistical processingTop
18.1. Source data

Data are obtained from regular statistical survey

18.2. Frequency of data collection


18.3. Data collection

Data are collected through paper questionnaires collected by postal or email.

18.4. Data validation

Data quality checks are done in the field. Also, calculating and logical data control is performed in Central office.

18.5. Data compilation

Not applicable

18.6. Adjustment

Not applicable

19. CommentTop
19. Comment

Not applicable.